Bahia, Brazil: 2010 Acanne Event


This is the second edition of a great event, that integrates capoeiristas from different parts of the world to live and share together for 15 days, participating in workshops, lectures, and visits, to discover the essence of Capoeira Angola of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

This year, we will also visit the city of Santo Amaro, land of the great capoeirista, Besouro Mangangá.

This is another opportunity for you to experience Capoeira Angola in Salvador, to go to rodas of the great Mestres, to visit local historic sites relevant to capoeira, and to appreciate the beauty of the city, with a group of people of “alto astral” quality.

** Event dates have been changed to July 18 - August 2.

You can check out their website for more information, including the schedule of events (in Portuguese).

Or contact the event organizers:
mestrerene (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) br
acannezion (at) hotmail (dot) com
africanamente.poa (at) hotmail (dot) com


Sydney, Austraila: 4th Encounter in November

4th Capoeira Angola Encounter

November 17 - 21
Sydney, Austraila
Invited Guests: Mestre Roxinho, Mestre Augusto Januario and Mestre Jogo de Dentro

Mestre Roxinho and ECAMAR Australia invite you to join us for the 4th
International Encounter of Capoeira Angola in Sydney, Australia with invited
Mestres Augusto Januario and Jogo de Dentro from the 17th - 21st November

The 4th Capoeira Angola International Encounter is a 5 day event that will take
place at the ECAMAR school in Surry Hills, Sydney and at Shoalhaven Outdoor
Conference Centre. The conference centre is a 2 hour drive from the city and is
surrounded by natural bushland and river flats.

We are pleased to confirm the presence of Mestre Augusto Januario, who has
participated in the ECAMAR International Encounter for the last two years and brings
40 years of experience in Capoeira Angola and Mestre Jogo de Dentro who has
travelled extensively around the world as an invited Mestre sharing his wealth of
knowledge of Capoeira Angola. This will be Mestre Jogo de Dentro's first visit to our shores.

The combination of lush natural surroundings, passing time together and lessons in
this beautiful Brazilian art-form will make for an unmissable experience.
The early bird price is due to expire on 5th August:

5 days + T-shirt + Food + Accommodation

Members = $450
Non-Members = $480

5:30 pm Registrations
6.00 pm Aboriginal Welcome to the Country
6.30-8:00 pm Workshop with Mestre Jogo de Dentro
8: 30 pm Welcome Roda

6.00-8:00 pm Workshop with Mestre Augusto
8.30- 9:30 pm Music class with Mestre Jogo de Dentro
Roda uma Volta só

9:30 am Depart to Shoalhaven
12:30 pm Lunch and meeting
15:00-18:00 pm Movement Class
with Mestre Jogo de Dentro
18:30 -20:00 pm Music Class Mestre Augusto
20:30 pm Dinner
21:30 pm Roda

8:00-9:00 am Breakfast
9:30-11:30 am Workshop with Mestre Jogo de Dentro
11:30 am Toques and Rhythms class with Mestre Augusto
12:30 pm Lunch Break
14:00-15:00 pm Music class Mestre Jogo de Dentro
15:30-17: 30 pm Workshop with Mestre Augusto
17:30-21:00 pm Capoeira Angola Roda in honour of
Mestre Pastinha & Zumbi dos Palmares

8:00-9:00 am Breakfast
9:30-11:30 am Workshop with Mestre Jogo de Dentro
11:30-13:00 pm Singing and Rhythms Class with Mestre Augusto
13:00 pm Roda Adeus Adeus
15:00 pm Cleaning the venue and Departure

Some of the workshops will be run simultaneously and everyone will be given a
chance to do each workshop.

You can pay in person or transfer your money in the following account:
Commonwealth Bank, BSB 062033, Account 10367932
Name: Capoeira Angola ECAMAR
Please put on your name to confirm your transfer

Thanks to Megan for the flyer and information.


Paris, France: Roda de Fruta

The Associação Okê Arô
invites you to the

Roda de Fruta

Sunday, June 27, 2010

3 - 5:30 pm

Contramestre Reny

Gymnase de la cour des lions
9 rue Alphonse Baudin
75011 Paris
Subway: Line 5 Richard-Lenoir

Open roda! Everyone is welcome!
(please bring some fruit)




Build your Own Archive: The "Velha Guarda" According to Rego

“Capoiera Angola - Ensaio Sócio Etnografico” written by Brazilian ethnologist Waldeloir Rego and published in 1968 is one of the seminal studies regarding the art form and one of the most important documents that exists today about capoeira.

The book is packed with a lot of information about capoeira, including the history of capoeira, the origin of the word and basics about the instruments played, but perhaps most interesting to us capoeiristas is the long compilation of songs and the following discussion about the capoeiristas mentioned in each song, from the chapter “Famous Capoeiras and their Behaviour in the Social Community".

We've already published his writings about Mestre Joao Grande
. Here is what Rego had to say about some other capoeiras of the time:
Pedro Mineiro was well-known among the capoeiristas… Also making a name in Bahia were Chico da Barra, Ajé, Chico Cazumbá, Ricardo das Docas, Antônio Maré, Zé Bom Pé, Vitorino Braço Torto, Raimundo Cachoeira, Zacaria Grande, Nôzinho, Bilusca, Piroca Peixoto, Zé do Saco, Samual da Calçada, Sete Mortes, Aberrê, Patu das Pedreiras, Hilário Chapeleiro, Cassiano Balão, Bigode de Sêda, Doze Homens, Tiburcinho de Jaguaripe, Zeca Cidade de Palha, Nô da Emprêsa de Carruagem, Pacífico do Rio Vermelho, Bichiguinha, Chico Me Dá, Edgar Chicharro, Inimigo Sem Tripa, Giote, Neco Canário Pardo, Bôca de Porco, Dendê, Gazolina, Espinho, Dadá e Siri de Mangue.

Pedro Porreta became a synonymous with disorder and bullying. When I was a young boy, I heard many older people speak of this capoeira and when a child was difficult and liked to beat up the other children, they would reprimand him by asking whether he was Pedro Porreta.

Canjiquinha (Wasington Bruno da Silva) told me that Chico Três was an enemy of another capoeirista called Matatu. One day, he set a trap for his enemy. He hid around the corner of Rua do Engenho Velho, right at the entrance for those who were going to Boa Vista mansion, today known as the São João de Deus asylum, and when Matatu approached, distracted, he stabbed him in the chest, put the knife hit his clavicle, breaking it into three pieces. Matuto escaped death and the other became known as Chico Três Pedaços.

Najé was another famous capoeirista from Coqueiro de Paraguaçu, but because he liked to go the city of Najé, this became his knickname. He was also close with people who practiced candomblé, so much so that when they saw him they used to joke, singing:

Najé, Najé
Ogun Já orô!

This song relates to Ogun Já, an aspect of Ogun whose principle characteristic is the sacrifice of dogs, a rare practice, whose processes and songs differ from the rest, although here I do not have the space to go into further detail.
How did the people in your group get their knicknames? Hopefully in a less dramatic and painful way than Chico Três Pedaços.

This book is actually out-of-print and very difficult to find. There are some downloadable versions out there. If you do come across a hardcover copy, protect it with all your pieces, as it is an important part of our heritage.

We'll present more about the "velha guarda" of capoeira from this great book in the future.


Warsaw, Poland: Workshops with M Poloca

Afro-brazilian workshops of Capoeira Angola
with Mestre Poloca

23-27 June 2010

Movement, rhythm, music, energy, self-development, game. Straight from Salvador. We invite angoleiros, those who train capoeira regional, and also those who would like to try out a capoeira angola adventure, for a capoeira angola workshop in Warsaw.

23.06 Wednesday
19:00 opening roda

24.06 Thursday
18:00 - 19:00 music training
19:00 - 20:30 movement training - free entrance for everyone
20:30 roda

25.06 Friday
18:00 - 19:00 music training
19:00 - 20:30 movement training
20:30 Brazilian film show

26.06 Saturday
10:00 - 12:30 movement training
12:30 - 13:30 music training
lunch break
15:00 - 17:30 movement training
18:30 afrobrazilian street parade and open capoeira angola roda with
warsaw capoeira schools
starting from: Wilenski square at Warszawa Wilenska Railway, ending: Praski park
21:00 party

27.06 Sunday
10:00 - 12:30 movement training
12:30 - 13:30 music training
lunch break
15:00 - 17:30 movement training
18:00 farewell roda

All the workshops will take place in Praga Północ district.

cost: 50 euro for participation in all the events, we provide accommodation for non-locals (please inform us in advance if needed) places limited, to guarantee one, please pay a prepayment to: Agata Hummel, nr: 12124010531111000005110599 (PEKAO S.A.), ul. Cisowa 4, Granica, 05-806 Komorów

This project is organized by Capoeira Angola Varsóvia group and is co-financed by Praga Północ District of Warsaw.

Further information:
warsztaty (at) capoeiraangola (dot) pl
+48 608 506 878

Thanks to Agnieszka for the information and flyer.

Philadelphia, USA: Annual Odunde Roda

A note from Philadelphia, USA:

Event: Sunday, June 13

Greetings everyone,

This is a quick invitation to come out and enjoy our annual Capoeira Angola Roda (roda de branco) at the Odunde African Street Festival. The roda will start at 3 p.m. on the corner of 23rd and Grays Ferry Avenue.

ODUNDE, has gained a reputation as one of Philadelphia's brightest cultural jewels. The word ODUNDE originates with the Yoruba people of Nigeria, West Africa. It means "Happy New Year". The ODUNDE festival is an occasion marked by joy and hope, a joy which is highlighted by a colorful procession to the Schuylkill River (at noon) where offerings of fruits and flowers are made to Oshun, the Goddess of the River.

Thanks to T Kamau for the information.


Maranhão, Brazil: 2nd Encounter

II Capoeira Angola Encounter of Barra do Corda
Maranhão, Brazil

E o caxixi...? ...A gente faz!
E a Capoeira... ? ...Dança guerreira da paz!

June 11 - 13
Guests: Mestre Patinho, Professor Cabeludo

Space is limited.

To register, contact Professor Irapuru – (99) 9643-9989 or (99) 8145-2852; e-mail angoleirosdabarra (at) hotmail (dot) com


Seattle, USA: XVI International Encounter

XVI (that is, 16th) Annual International Conference

International Capoeira Angola Foundation

September 2 – 5, 2010
Seattle, WA

Nourishing our Capoeira Family
Capoeira Angola e manha, e malicia, e tudo que a boca come. - Pastinha

presented by:
Contra Mestre Silvinho with FICA Seattle and Portland.

with the presence of:

Mestre Jurandir
Mestre Valmir
Mestre Índio
Treinel Andrea from Oakland
Aloan from FICA BAHIA.

In case you haven’t heard, Mestre Cobra Mansa is going to be in Africa researching the roots of Capoeira Angola, so he will not be able to join us at this year's conference. Congratulations Mestre; we wish you well.

Camp River Ranch, Carnation, WA (near Seattle)
We are thrilled to host old and new friends in this lush, old growth forest outside of Seattle. The serene summer camp facility is the perfect setting for deepening our connections to nature, ancestors, others and self. We’ll be overlooking a lake, building bonfires at night, enjoying hot showers and breathing fresh mountain air.

Thursday, 9/2
Opening Roda
FICA Seattle studio
954 E. Union St. Seattle, Wa 98122

9pm Bus to Camp River Ranch

Friday - Sunday, 9/3- 9/5
All Day Workshops, rodas, meals and more!

Sunday, 9/5
3pm, Closing Roda
6pm, Bus to Seattle, arrive at 7pm.

The SeaTac airport is 60 minutes from Seattle by bus and 30 minutes by car.

Nourishing our Capoeira Family
Capoeira Angola é manha, é malicia, é tudo que a boca come.
- Pastinha

Capoeira Angola is everything the mouth eats. Pastinha's words advise the Capoeirista to grow from all that we touch, breath and encounter in this world. In talking with several of you over the past year, we feel a strong solidarity in the vision to raise awareness and consciousness, to build modern quilombos. We are proud that FICA members have a wide wealth of passions pertaining to sustainability, social justice, healing and ancestral guidance. At this year’s conference our intention is to explore how tudo que a boca come can guide us in all aspects of nourishment.

Some topics to ponder are: sustainability, the food revolution/ food justice, organic and urban farming, respectful human resources/labor, Quilombos and Communities, democratic living and sharing for unified success, understanding past and present, connecting with elders, children, and teachers, honoring ancestors, healing, movement and music therapy, nutrition, and traditional medicine.

This is an opportunity to challenge ourselves and each other, to become more awake and to deepen our understanding of what we are “eating”.

Call for Art…
Many of you are talented artists. We invite you to submit an original design, drawing, or other work to represent this year’s conference theme on t-shirts, flyers, and posters.

Deadline: June 30
We encourage EVERYONE to express your inspirations through art.
*Registration will be granted if your work is chosen!

Send submissions to:
silvioaleixo (at) hotmail (dot) com
or by mail to
FICA Seattle PO Box 28547, Seattle WA 98118

Conference Price:
Because the financial success of this conference depends on good organization, we are offering a discount to those who register early.

Before August 1st $ 150
After August 1st $175

The cost of registration covers:
3 Nights Lodging
Bus transportation to and from Camp River Ranch / Seattle -Thursday and Sunday
3 Meals per day, mostly local and organic
All Workshops, Rodas, and Conference Events
Smiles, songs, and scenery…

Click to download the *2010 Encounter Registration Form* pdf.

You can fill it out electronically and email it back to ficapdx (at) gmail (dot) com, or print it and mail it (along with a check) to: FICA Portland Study Group 707 NE Broadway #203, Portland, OR, 97232.

A button to pay on-line via *PayPal* is coming soon.

Visit our website for further details

Thanks to Criss for the information.


Marburg, Germany: Workshops with M Poloca

Workshop with Mestre Poloca
Europe 2010

Grupo Nzinga - Marburg

July 2 - 4
in Marburg, Germany

Check out the Video-Flyer here.

18:00 at Schwanhof
Schwanalle 27 – Tanzschule
Near Train Station (Marburg Süd)

Saturday and Sunday
Starting at 10:00
Neue Kasseler Straße 7 – Ballett Schule “Step in”
Near Train Station (Marburg Hauptbahnhof)

3 days with accommodation

more information

or email: nzinga (dot) marburg (at) gmail (dot)

Many thanks to Pedro for the video flyer and information