Philadelphia, USA: Annual Odunde Roda

A note from Philadelphia, USA:

Event: Sunday, June 13

Greetings everyone,

This is a quick invitation to come out and enjoy our annual Capoeira Angola Roda (roda de branco) at the Odunde African Street Festival. The roda will start at 3 p.m. on the corner of 23rd and Grays Ferry Avenue.

ODUNDE, has gained a reputation as one of Philadelphia's brightest cultural jewels. The word ODUNDE originates with the Yoruba people of Nigeria, West Africa. It means "Happy New Year". The ODUNDE festival is an occasion marked by joy and hope, a joy which is highlighted by a colorful procession to the Schuylkill River (at noon) where offerings of fruits and flowers are made to Oshun, the Goddess of the River.

Thanks to T Kamau for the information.

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