Salvador, Brazil: Celebrating 30 Years of GCAP

30 Years of GCAP Event

Feb 4 – 7, 2010-01-05

Workshops led by Mestre Moraes

5 pm, Opening
7 pm, Roundtable discussion with mestres from Bahia. Moderator: Mestre Moraes
Release of CD volume 5

9 – 11 am, capoeira workshop
2:30 – 4:30 pm, In the prison a garden: re-discovering the history of Forte de Santo Antônio. (M. Moraes and Cláudia)
5 – 6 pm, orientation roda: ritual aspects
7 – 9:30 pm, capoeira roda (open only to people participating in the event)

9 – 11 am, capeira workshop
2:30 – 4:30 pm, a talk with M Moraes, M Jair Moura, and an invited mestre (a student of Mestre Pastinha)
5 – 6, rhythm workshop

9 – 11, open roda to close event
noon, feijoada for participants and invited guests

There will be a photography exhibit during the course of the event.

To register and for more details regarding the event, send an email to: gcap30anos (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) br

Registration fee: R$ 120,00

To keep updated on event details and to gain a whole lot of wisdom about capoeira, visit Mestre Moraes’ blog.

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