Valença, Brazil: Permangola, January 2010

IV Permangola, IV Agropercology Meeting
agriculture, permaculture, ecological construction, & Capoeira Angola

Date: Jan 27 – Feb 7
Place: Kilombo Tenonde www.kilombotenonde.com
Rodovia Valença - BA 524
KM 23 (Bomfim)

Cost for Brazilians: R$350 (includes 3 meals daily and camping space) Please bring your RG
Cost for non-Brazilians: USD300

* bring your tent and/or sleeping bag
** transportation to Valença is not covered

Scott (EUA)
Serelepe (IPOEMA)
Lua Santana (Morro do Chapeu, Bahia)
Isabel Modenci (Salvador, Bahia)
Paulo Feliciano (Rio de Janeiro)
Paula Elaine (Rio de Janeiro)
Dona Eliane (Salvador, Bahia)
Do (Valença, Bahia)
Mestre Cabelo &Tiza (Itacaré, Bahia)
Mestre Cobra Mansa

Para maiores informações:
Mestre Cobra Mansa
cobramansa (at) hotmail (dot) com
011 55 71 3217 4946

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