Stockholm, Sweden: M Valmir & Aloan

Information on an upcoming event in Europe:

Capoeira Angola Workshops
with Mestre Valmir & Aloan Fica Bahia
1 - 4 October 2009
Stockholm, Sweden

6:30 - 9 pm
Bla Huset, Tensta gangem 55

6 - 9 pm
Tensta Hallen, Tensta Plan

10 am - 6 pm

10 am - 5 pm

Mestre Valmir is not just famous for his capoeira, but also for his mission to turn young students from high risk areas into good leaders. In 2005, he visit Sweden for his first time together with two young capoeiristas Adjair & Yuka from Massaranduba, an unprivileged neighborhood in Salvador to talk about capoeira and young people from the neighborhood.

Aloan is a student of Mestre Valmir and trains as well as teaches at FICA Bahia in Salvador. Aloan, despite his young age, is a well-known capoeirista. He grew up surrounded by capoeira and started to teach in 2005. Aloan is a responsible leader and a very good berimbau teacher. Aloan visited Stockholm from February to March and just returned to Stockholm to participate in Karnevalsommar – Rhythm against violence.

Special Program
Juan Romero from Yakumbé worked with Aloan in Karnevalsommar and will teach how to play sambareagge and other Brazilian rythms during the workshop.

Special Invited Guests
BAGUNCACO from Alagoas/Salvador, Brazil together with Tensta Samba Kids

To particpate in our event:
Payment in advance: 700 skr
Post giro 836 07 13-5, Fica - Stockholm
Payment at the door: 800 skr
Register at ficasweden (at) ya
hoo (dot) se
Housing will be arranged.

How to get there.

Thanks to Onca for the information.

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