This Saturday: Event in Belo Horizonte

The angoleiras of Belo Horizonte will commemorate the 119 anniversary of the birth of Mestre Pastinha, and invite all to participate in this Capoeira Angola event.

There will be workshops with mestres and contramestres of Capoeira Angola as well as a discussion about the role of wome in the universe of capoeira through the legacy of Mestre Pastinha.

Saturday, April 5
9 am - 1:30 pm: Capoeira Angola* and African Dance Workshops
1:30 pm - 3 pm: Cultural Lunch
3 pm - 5 pm: Discussion; Theme” “Production & Reproduction”
5 pm: Capoeira roda
7 pm: Closing

Workshops with:
Mestre Jurandir
Mestre Primo

Mestre Léo
Mestre Índio
Contramestre Renê
Contramestre Alcione

Questions & registration: 3212-9244/ 9735-9627 (Alcione)

Arriving by bus:
2102/01 - get off at R Caraça, 530
4102/01 - get off at R. Capivari, 616
9106/01 - get off at R. Trifana, 789
4111/01/04 - get off at Praça Cidade Do Porto, 1

Centro Cultural
Vila Marçola
Rua Mangabeira da Serra
320, Serra

* Bring your berimbau for music class.

Have fun!

Thanks to T Gege for the flyer.

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