Still Coming In: Pictures from the DC Women's Conference

**Links should be fixed!

Pictures keep on rolling in from the 10th Annual Women's Conference held in DC back in March. Please enjoy these photo albums from RusselH & Isabel.

Click here to view RusselH's pictures.

Click here to view IsabelG's pictures.

Click here to read the post we did back in March.

Planning for the next women's conference is already underway! With the theme, "Menina, quem foi sua mestra?", the conference will take place in March or April of 2009 in Salvador. If you would like to participate in the discussions and organizing of the conference, send an email to Mestre Janja letting her know your group affiliation at: janja (dot) araujo (at) uol (dot) com (dot) br

Thanks to Russel from Richmond, Isabel, & T Gege for the photos!


drB said...

seems like the links for the pictures aren't correct.

i know the link to Russell's should be:
Russell Harris

Isa said...

Yes, there is a problem wit the code. you have twice the http:// protocol in the link to Russell's album.

And the link to Iabel's pictures lacks of the first 'h' in the http... so the browsers don't know how to handle the link!