Mestre Valmir in Tokyo!

Have you always dreamed of going to Japan?? Visiting the sites, playing with the capoeiristas there? Well, here's a great opportunity:

Mestre Valmir will give workshops in Tokyo from May 30 - June 3!

Higashi-Shinagawa Bunka Center
Rinkai Line (5 Minutes walk from Shinagawa Sea-Side Station Exit A)
Kyoukyuu Line (12 minutes walk from Aomono Yokocho station)

Shinjuku Cosmic Center
JR Yamanote Line, Seibu Shinjuku Line (17 minutes walk from Takadano
Baba Station Toyamaguci Exit)

Ikebukuro Sports Center
JR Yamanote Line (8 minutes walk from Ikebukuro Station)

Wednesday May 30th 7pm - 9pm (Workshop @ Higashi Shinagawa Bunka Center)
Thursday May 31st 7pm - 9pm (Workshop @ Kenko Plaza Toshima)
Friday June 1st 7pm - 9pm (Workshop @ Higashi Shinagawa Bunka Center)
Saturday June 2nd 1pm - 4pm (workshop @ Higashi Shinagawa Bunka Center)
Saturday June 2nd 6:30 pm - 9pm (Open Roda @ Higashi Shinagawa Bunka Center)
Sunday June 3rd 9am - 11:30 am (Workshop @ Shinjuku Cosmic Center)
Sunday June 3rd 4pm - 6 pm (Open Roda @ Shinjuku Cosmic Center)

Workshop - 2500 Yen
Open Roda - 1500 Yen
Roda (spectating) - 500 Yen
1 Day pass for Saturday / Sunday - 3000 Yen (per day)

For more information, you contact the group or Aki at:
->TEL: 81-90-9809-9872 (Aki Katai)

Thank you, Aki, for the infomation.

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