Event with M Joao Grande in Amsterdam

Here’s a great event that is coming up in Amsterdam organized by Totti Angola, a student of Mestre João Grande who leads classes at the Capoeira Angola Center of the Netherlands.

2007 International Conference
When: June 28- July 1
Price: 100 € at the door, 90 € before June, 80 € (group of 10 before June)
         *This price includes classes, accommodation, breakfast, and party.*
Invited Guests: M João Grande, M Rosalvo, Totti Angola, CM Susy, Xari (older student of M João Grande in New York City)

Bring your sleeping bag, berimbau, and only positive energy!

For more details, call: +31648814758, or email, angola2002(at)yahoo.com

or, visit their website.

Thank you to Totti Angola for the flyer.

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Monalisa said...

Mestre Joao Grande visited Boston over Memorial Day weekend and trained local capoeiristas and angoleiros. It was a special treat, esp. because of a long chamada class.