Pics from Chicago Rodathon & Madison Group

T Baba visited FICA-Chicago and the Capoeira Angola in Madison, Wisconsin. Besides doing Capoeira Angola workshops, T Baba also gave samba drumming classes. On Sunday, April 15th, he traveled to Chicago with some of the people from the Madison Capoeira Angola group to support FICA-Chicago's rodathon. T Baba has these pictures to share of his trip:

In Madison:

The Capoeira Angola group in Madison, Wisconsin.

In Madison, classes are held at the Center for Creative & Cultural Arts. They are led by Jack.

T Baba leading the drum class.

At the FICA-Chicago Rodathon:

T Beto with child. (Also, Hu with child in the background).

Jack, from the capoeira group in Madison, adding to the spread.

A lovely chamada.

T Beto, Seth, & T Baba on the bateria.

Thank you to T Baba for sharing his photos. There are more photos from his trip on the Portuguese side of the blog.

Here's the class schedule for the Madison group, in case you are in the area.

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