London, UK: Open Roda and Classes with M Roberval

Open Community Roda with Mestre Roberval
March 20

Geffrye Community Centre
Falkirk Street

Adult class - Young peoples class - Roda - Food

Classes will be taught by Master Roberval - Alex Carrapeta
The idea is to have a "day of capoeira and food" a chance to meet people from other groups and encourage young people to develop their understanding of our art.

Running order and cost
1. Adult Master Class - 2 hours
2. Young peoples class - 1 hour
3. Roda - children and adults together one running into another
4. Food. The food will be a traditional Brazilian or Jamaican type food appropriate for a hungry capoeirista!

Adult class 12pm start £10 - Master Roberval - Filhos de Angola
Children Class 2pm start £5 or contribution
Food £5