Hamburg, Germany: 7th International Encounter

7th International Encounter
Hamburg, Germany

September 23 - 26

Mestre Robson Bocao - Grande Pequeno Sou Eu
Contra Mestre Silvinho - Capoeira Angola Mae
Contra Mestre Moreira - Escola Mukambu

Professor Charel - Angoleiros do Mar
Professor Geyson - Escola Mukambu
Professor Papagaio - Ginga Camará
Professora Moranguinho - Grande Pequeno Sou Eu

Treinel Ceguinho - Grande Pequeno Sou Eu
Treinel Cabecao - Grande Pequeno Sou Eu
Treinel Angolinha - Grande Pequeno Sou Eu


25 years of Capoeira: MESTRE ROBSON BOCÃO.

Like every year in September - as a tradition of our group, a workshop will take place on this festive occasion besides to celebrate a birthday at the same time. A 'get together' of mestres, professores and various other guests - invited from all over the world of Capoeira!

Special guest:
MESTRE LITO [Colorado - Paraná - Brasil]
Mestre Bocão's first and always honoured teacher in Capoeira.

This weekend we celebrate not only more than 25 years of life dedicated to Capoeira approved as an always faithful companion - it is also the perfect chance to get deeper into this fascinating, inspiring and sage art of lived culture by encountering the intensive spiritual energy of Capoeira at this 'convivência' [live together].

"Beyond the aspect of martial arts Capoeira is understood as a vivid philosophy of life manifested in rhythm, movements, music and chant."[Homepage]

In this spirit...

Axé para a Capoeira!

If you want to participate the workshop send a message to either:
Bocaoangola (at) web.de
moranguinho (at) email.de

For planning this event accordingly - please register yourself as soon as you know you will be part of!

Fee: 120,- EUR.

For more information just give us a phone call! +0049-(0)40-415 496 78 or +0049-(0)40-413 507 53.

... or visit us on facebook...

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