London, UK: Workshops with M Roberval

From Capoeira Amazonas in London:

Mestre Roberval is back in town!

Mestre Roberval will be teaching classes in London throughout August. Widely recognised as one of the finest exponents of capoeira angola, Mestre Roberval will be teaching his music and movement lessons with his own special brand of class. Not to be missed!

Monday, August 2 - Wednesday, August 4: Hargrave Park School, Bredgar road, Archway 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Thursday 5th August: Capoeira Angola Nottingham. Contact Juliet at 07903 114248 for more information.

Check website for further updates to follow...

More information:
Rejane: 07984 537020
Rilene: 07984757689
Chris: 07952 817878


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