Salvador, Brazil: "Este Gunga Também é Meu!"

Associação Capoeira Angola Navio Negreiro

Este Gunga também é meu!

Acanne has the pleasure to invite all to take part in our March activities:

This month, we will begin our Lecture Roda (which will take place during class time) with the theme of “The Cosmogony of Capoeira”

In honor of all the guerreiras of the world, we hope that every day more angoleiras can shout out: “Este Gunga também é meu!”

* all activites will begin at 7 pm

March 5, Friday
Film Screeming: “Memórias do Recôncavo – Besouro e outros capoeiras”, discussion, table of fruits, and reggae

March 8, Monday
Film Screening: “A Cidade das Mulheres” and discussion

March 10, Wednesday
Lecture: “Ancestral Female Leadership”

March 12, Friday
Celebration of D. Maria Romélia: Roda de Capoeira Angola, table of fruits, and reggae

March 26, Friday
Lecture by Taata Mutá: “A Cosmogonia na Capoeira”, Roda de Capoeira Angola, table of fruits, and reggae

Place: Acanne, Rua do Sodré, no. 48 – Largo Dois de Julho – Salvador
Tel: 71 3321 7496/ 9146 5999
mestrerene (at) yahoo (dot) com
acannezion (at) hotmail (dot) com

Thanks to Paulo M for the flyer.

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