Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil: Peace Roda with M Virgílio

The Association Capoeira Angola Mucumbo (A Associação de Capoeira Angola Mucumbo, A.C.A.M) invites all to attend its 8th Encounter of Capoeira Angola – Peace Roda 2009.

The Peace Roda is an event organized by Mestre Virgílio de Ilhéus and has already become an important tradition of Capoeira Angola in the city Ilhéus. This year on November 5 and 6 the event will include Capoeira Angola workshops with Mestres: Jogo de Dentro (Grupo Semente do Jogo de Angola – BA), Plínio (Angoleiro Sim Sinhô – SP) and Bel (Malungo Centro de Capoeira Angola – BA) – as well as open rodas in Olivença Square and the Ilhéus Cathedral Square.

For Mestre Virgílio, the Peace Roda is a symbol of union, reflection and thankfulness. “It will be a great moment for the Capoeira Angola community in Ilhéus.”

Schedule (attention: space is limited!)
Saturday, 12/05
8 – 10 am, Registration
10 am – noon, Movement Workshop
noon – 3 pm, Break
3 – 5 pm, Movement Workshop
7 pm, Roda - Olivença Square

Sunday, 12/06
10 am – noon, Movement Workshop
7 pm, Peace Roda 2009 - Ilhéus Cathedral Square

single workshop = R$20,00
two workshops = R$30,00
three workshops = R$45,00 + an event t-shirt

For more information, visit the website
or contact: capoeiramucumbo (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) br

Thanks to Paulo for the information.

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