Rio de Janeiro: September Event Reminder

For all of you that are going to be in Rio in a few weeks, a reminder from Contramestre Urubu of Grupo Capoeira Angola Aluande about their event in Rio on September 20 & 21 with Mestres Cobra Mansa & Janja:
Dear friends:

I write to remind everyone that we are about a month away from our big celebration.
“Capoeira Angola and 120 Years of Abolition” is open for registration.

Take advantage of the discounted price that is good until September 5. It gives a 30% discount off the total price. You may call the numbers on the flyer to secure your spot.

The flyer is available on our website and very soon we will be fully functioning with news, photos, videos, discussion forums, interviews, downloads, and much more… for all admirers of this art.


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