(Not So Lazy) Sunday in New York City

Njoli & Adrian.

See more pictures here!

FICA-NYC hosted its monthly roda this weekend. Present at the roda were capoeiristas from Mestre João Grande’s school, Grupo Quintal, FICA-Philadelphia, FICA-DC, Grupo Novo Kilombo (Boston), FICA-Oakland, and some other groups. FICA-NYC were great hosts, and provided lots of food and drinks to keep our energy up. The bateria was great and there were a lot of fun games.

Following the end of the roda, we packed our stuff and walked down to Mestre João Grande’s school where the roda was already rolling. Again, we had a >blast< and enjoyed seeing all our friends who train at the Capoeira Angola Center. We dragged ourselves away from the roda at 8 pm (we had a four hour drive back to DC!) and it was still going strong.

Post FICA-NYC roda photo.

Next time you are in NYC on the third Sunday of the month, be sure to stop by the FICA-NYC roda at Six Harmonies Martial Arts Studio at 232 7th Avenue, between 23rd & 24th, 2nd floor.

And if you are in NYC on any given Sunday, don’t miss the roda at Mestre João Grande’s school, starts at 2 and goes til it ends. The school is located at 104 W 14th Street, 3rd Floor.

Thanks to Orlando from FICA-NYC for the pictures.

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