"Women in México" Event this Weekend!

Centro Cultural de Capoeira Angola México
Contramestre Rogério Teber

We at FICA-México would like to cordially invite you to join us for the first Mexican Capoeira women's conference "La Mujer en Resistencia." The event will take place in commemoration of International Womens Day on the 29th of February and 1st and 2nd of March at the Centro Cultural de Capoeira Angola located in México City, Tlalpan no. 1188 between Portales and Nativitas.

There will be capoeira classes taught by Treinel Gege and Contramestre Rogério Teber as well as african dance classes taught by Asami Gomez. We will show a video "A cidade das mulheres" followed by a discussion about African women in México hosted by an anthropology professor from UNAM. We look forward to your attendance.

Thanks, FICA-MX

FICA-MX se complace en invitarlos al 1er Encuentro de Mujeres "La Mujer en Resistencia" que se llevará a cabo en conmemoración del día de la mujer, los dias 29 de febrero, 1 y 2 de marzo en el Centro Cultural de Capoeira Angola, ubicado en Tlalpan no. 1188 entre Portales y Nativitas.
Habrá clases de capoeira, impartidas por Treinel Gege y Contramestre Rogério Teber; habrá clase de danza afro, impartida por Asami Gómez; pasaremos un video: "A cidade das mulheres" y también habrá una conferencia debate sobra la mujer africana en México. En la invitación viene la programación y demás informes.
Esperamos su asistencia y cualquier pregunta pueden escribir a ficamexico (arroba) yahoo (punto) com
Saludos, FICA-MX.1st Encounter of Women

Women in Resistance
February 29 – March 2

Location: Centro Cultural de Capoeira Angola FICA-México A.C. Calzada de Tlalpan 1188, Colonia Zacahuizco
Contact: ficamexico (at) yahoo (dot) com, 55 1655 6761
For more information, go here.

Full registration: $250 (including a tshirt)
One day: $200
Single Class: $100
Discussion: $15

Special Invites:
Treinel Gege (FICA-DC)
Asami Gómez (Danza Afro, DF)
Mónica Velasco Molina (UNAM)

Thanks to T Gege for the flyer!

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El Agüelo said...

I just want to thank the whole galera of FICA-Mexico, the event was great, Contramestre Regeiro is really cool (i had never been inside the roda with him before), Trenel Gegê is an amazing lady, and everyone was very nice in general.
Iñaki "El Abuelo" LDM Qro. México