Acanne Roda on the Beach

The Associação Capoeira Angola Navio Negreiro (ACANNE) will host a roda on the beach in support of protecting the environment on June 10. Here’s a (not-so-great) translation of their flyer:

ACANNE understands that concern for the environment is an ancestral inheritance of the indigenous people and the descendants of Africans, who were taught through the African matrix about the importance of protecting elements of the natural world on behalf of their survival.

For this, Acanne invites the capoeira community for a singular, ecological capoeira angola roda.

When: June 10, 2007, at 10:00 am
Where: Ilha de Maré, Itamoabo Beach

“Be the change you want to see”- Mahatma Gandhi

“Give a rasteira to the HIV virus. Use a condom”

Sounds great.

Thank you, M Rene, for the information.


FICA-NYC Rodas Start in June

For more than a year, FICA students Puck, Aaron, Ferro Velho, and, more recently, Njoli have been training together in New York City. All of them came from FICA schools from other parts of the world (Oakland, Atlanta, Olympia, and Seattle, respectively).

They are going to start holding rodas at their space every third Saturday of the month, starting in June:

FICA NYC (Study Group)
Invites you to the group's first roda on
JUNE 16th, SATURDAY, 10am – 1pm

And EVERY 3rd Saturday thereafter

The Roda will be at 440 Studios, 440 Lafayette St., Manhattan

Take the 6 Train to Astor Place
or N, R, W to 8thst./NYU

Please send an e-mail to fica_ny(at)yahoo(dot)com if you plan on visiting/need housing

FICA New York (Study Group)
-njoli- 551 574 0644
-puck- 917 971 7980

Have a capoeira weekend-- stay through Sunday and go to the roda at Mestre Joao Grande's, too.

Thanks to Orlando C for the information.


Sim Sim Sim Colobo

Here is a corrido written by Aloan from FICA-Bahia. Sing at your next roda!











Send us something you have written that you want to share with the capoeira community.

Thanks to Aloan for the corrido.


Event with M Joao Grande in Amsterdam

Here’s a great event that is coming up in Amsterdam organized by Totti Angola, a student of Mestre João Grande who leads classes at the Capoeira Angola Center of the Netherlands.

2007 International Conference
When: June 28- July 1
Price: 100 € at the door, 90 € before June, 80 € (group of 10 before June)
         *This price includes classes, accommodation, breakfast, and party.*
Invited Guests: M João Grande, M Rosalvo, Totti Angola, CM Susy, Xari (older student of M João Grande in New York City)

Bring your sleeping bag, berimbau, and only positive energy!

For more details, call: +31648814758, or email, angola2002(at)yahoo.com

or, visit their website.

Thank you to Totti Angola for the flyer.


Call for Papers for 2008 Panel Discussion

CM Janja & CM Paulinha are looking for participants for a panel on capoeira that will take place March 2008 at Tulane University. Here is a translation of the message that CM Janja sent out:

Dear Friends,

The Brazilian Studies Association- BRASA- will host the 11th International Congress at Tulane University in New Orleans from March 27-29, 2008.

Paulinha and I are organizing a panel discussion on the subject of capoeira and we would like to include the names/work of other Angoleiras/os. The panel will have four participants.

The deadline for registration is June 1, and we would like that those interested in taking part in the panel send us (through personal e-mail) some information, and from there we will keep in direct contact with these people.

So, with a bit of urgency, we ask that you send the following information:

Complete name and title of work

Name of the university and level of education (post-grad, doctorate, etc.)

Group, mestre's name, and time practicing capoeira

A short description of the work (10-15 lines), it can be in Portuguse or English

Declaration that you are interested in participating in the panel
Send to:
and a copy to:

Keeping in mind that the deadline is close, we ask that you send this information by May 23.

Moreover, we miss you all and hope that this finds each one of you with much health and peace.

Beijos, Janja

Thank you to Katie S for the information.


FICA-Rio Summer Conference Updates

If you want to go to the 2007 Annual FICA conference in Rio this July, make sure you register. You can do it through the FICA-Rio website. There was a bit of trouble with the website, but it is back up.

You can also find more information about the conference here, including the complete schedule and prices.

If you have any questons, you can email: folhadeangola(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)br.

Thanks to CM Rogerinho for the information.

¡Que padre! Capoeira Angola in México

Gorgeous beaches, Mayan and Aztec ruins,*real* Mexican food. Like you needed any more reasons to go to México! Now, CM Rogerinho is leading classes in México City. Jen M of FICA-DC took a trip down there, here's what she has to say about it all:

If you are going to Mexico City, make sure to stop by to visit Contramestre Rogério and FICA-Mexico. I had the opportunity to visit the group and trained with them for a week last March. As always, CM Rogério gave awesome and difficult classes. The folks I met were really nice and very welcoming. Every Friday night there is a roda with great energy and beautiful music. The space is easily accessible by metro and a short walk. Thanks to FICA-México for a great experience. Peace--Jen

La FICA-México is located near the Nativitas metro stop.

Marco and a student.

Roda shot.

CM Rogerinho and Alex in the roda.

México meets Brazil on the wall of FICA-México.

CM Rogerinho and the group in México (with a few visitors, including Jen M).

More photos on the Portuguese side of the blog.

Thanks Jen!



CM Urubu Hosts Encounter in RJ

CM Urubu in Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the "First National Capoeira Angola Encounter" from June 22 to 24 in RJ with the presence of a bunch of mestres from RJ and CM Boca do Rio from Bahia (Grupo Zimba).

7-9 pm, Workshop with CM Boca do Rio

9:00 am, Workshop with M Baba
11:00 am, Workshop with M Zequinha
1:00 pm, Lunch Break
2:00 pm, Roundtable Discussion
3:30 pm, Roda (for workshop participants only)
7:00 pm, Fruits table

10:00 am, Workshop with M Bigo
12:00 pm, Lunch Break
1:00 pm, Chat with the Mestres
2:00 pm, Roda (open to the public)

Here are the details:
What: First National Capoeira Angola Encounter
When: June 22-24
Where: Casa Paschoal Carlos Magno e Teatro Duse em Santa Teresa na Rua Hermenegildo de Barros N° 161 Próximo a estação do Curvelo.
Price: R$50 (or R$20 for each class), + R$20 for June 22 workshop with CM Boca do Rio

For more information, call: (21) 3356-2382 / 9361-6370 / 2224-1163


May 13th: The False Abolition of Slavery in Brazil

On this day in 1888, Princessa Isabela of Brazil, acting as Regent while her father Dom Pedro II was traveling in Europe, signed the Golden Law (Lei Áurea) which legally ended slavery in the country. Brazil was the last country in the New World to legally end slavery.

Various social pressures and economic conditions led to the law, including the abolitionist movement in Brazil led by Joaquim Nabuco, pressure from England (looking to create a more competitive market for its own colonial agricultural products, like sugar), and the declining profitability of slavery as poor European immigrants came to Brazil in search of work.

Preceding abolition in Brazil, two significant laws had already freed slaves over 65 years of age as well as children born of slaves (although few slaves lived til 65 years of age and the children were required to serve their mothers' masters until they reached 21 years of age.)

Many in Brazil commemorate this day as the Day of "False Abolition" (Falsa Abolição) because the law did nothing to guarantee a better life for the hundreds of thousands of slaves in Brazil, like providing education, or land or monetary grants. This effectively kept them from advancing, and even participating, in Brazilian society. The effects of this policy can be discerned today in the large black underclass and institutionalized racism prevalent in Brazil.

In this way, a benevolent princess did not give freedom to blacks in Brazil, but rather, blacks fought, and continue to fight, for their own poltical, social, and economic freedom in a country ruled largely by a white elite.


Event in London with M Carlão and MarAzul

Here's an event that is going on in London next weekend, celebrating 24 years of Grupo Marazul with the presence of Mestre Carlão, Kabula Intercultural Exchange, and other special guests.

The details:
Friday, 18th May
Opening Event
Africa to Brazil : Rio Rhythms, London Vibes
Kabula + MarAzul, with special guests Pedro Lima and Teresa Pineschi, direct from Rio.
Live music + short film + spoken word.
7pm @ Canning House 2 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PJ. Entrance £5 members of Canning house/£7 non-members.

Saturday, 19th May
Part 1: Social Integration of Capoeira in London (12:45-16:45)
MarAzul, Kabula and Special Guests
12:45 - Berimbau Orchestra, with Treinel Gilberto from Zimba Capoeira Angola Group.
13:15 - Games you can't play on your own, with Teacher Jorge Goia from Kabula Intercultural Exchange.
13:45 - Capoeira Angola moviments, with Teacher Simon Fantasma from Marrom Capoeira e Alunos.
14:15 - O Ser Capoeira, talk with Mestre Pacheco from Dançando Angola Group.
14:45 - Open Integration Roda, with Mestre Carlão and Mestre Joãozinho da Figueira.
Venue: Thanet Centre – Herbert Street, Chalk Farm, London NW5.

Part 2: Ritmos da Terra Percussion Workshop (17:15-19:15)
Mestre Pedro Lima e Teresa Pineschi from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
17:30 - Oral-Rhythmic Traditions from Brazil – Swing, Art and Heritage
19:30 - Party... see below
Venue: The Pool Bar, 104-108 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AH. Nearest tube: Old Street.

Saturday evening - Party!
Party open to all, with live samba, capoeira and all the rest... from 7.30pm onwards
Venue: The Pool Bar, 104-108 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AH. Nearest tube: Old Street.

Sunday, 20th May
Part 1: Social Integration of Capoeira in London (12:00-16:45)
MarAzul, Kabula and Special Guests:
12:00 - Maculelê – Rhythms, Songs and Movements, with Joãozinho da Figueira.
12:30 - Capoeira Angola class, with Mestre Carlão from Kabula and Teacher William from ACCA-Manchester.
14:00 - The abolition of the slave trade and slavery Some comparisons between the Caribbean and Brazil, with Dr Matthias Assunção from the University of Essex.
15:00 - Open Integration Roda, with Mestre Carlão and Joãozinho da Figueira.
16:30 - Behaviour in the Capoeira Roda, with Teacher Polaco from Union Capoeira group

Part 2: Ritmos da Terra Percussion Workshop (17:00-19:00)
Mestre Pedro Lima e Teresa Pineschi from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
17:00 - Oral-Rhythmic Traditions from Brazil – Swing, Art and Heritage
19:00 - Close

Venue: LSE Old Building, Houghton Street, Holborn, London WC2A 2AE

Saturday/Sunday: £25 full day; £15 half day
Both days: £40 (MarAzul & Kabula members: £35)

Email: info at marazul.co.uk
Email: info at kabula.org
Tel: 07731 833819 (Suzannah)
Tel: 07903 803149 (Rajesh) / 07956 002302 (Alan)

Thanks to M Carlão for the information.


NYC Event with Mestre Nô

Mestre Gulliver of Grupo Capoeira Angola Palmares will be hosting a special event on May 19, with guest Mestre Nô.

If you can't read the details in the little picture to the left, here they are:
When: May 19, 1-5 pm
Where: School for Law and Justice, 50 Navy Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Price: $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Want to go and need directions?? Here you are.

Thanks to T Fabio for the information.


Party in Belo Horizonte with Angola Dobrada

Looking for something to do this Friday night?

This looks good. Grupo Angola Dobrada in Belo Horizonte will be hosting a party at the FICA-BH space. The roda starts at 7 pm. Only R$5 to get in.

Thanks to T Fabio for the flyer.


Mestre Caiçara's Birthday

Mestre Caiçara was born today, back in 1924, in the city of Cachoeira in São Felix. Mestre Caiçara was famous for his singing, and no capoiera music collection is complete without his Academia Capoeira de Angola São Jorge dos Irmãos Unidos do Mestre Caiçara.

Writer André Luis Lacé Lopez shares some of his memories of the great capoeira mestre and singer:

Many decades back, preoccupied with the growing requests to compare Capoeira to other martial arts, I took advantage of one of my many trips to Salvador to run the dilemma by Mestre Caiçara.

“Each in its own place,” he retorted genially, quickly turning the problem into a non-issue.

A little later, in São Paulo, there occurred another, even better, moment. Invited by an ex-student of his to do a “volta do mundo”, Caiçara noted that the “boy was playing with a certain daring”, this was enough for the mestre to give him a disconcerting cabeçada, knocking his ex-student out of the roda, he took the opportunity to once again profess:

“The clothes of a man aren’t suitable for a boy. These boys today, they barely know how to spell and they think that they know how to read.”
Ha ha! Viva Caiçara!


Mestre Valmir in Tokyo!

Have you always dreamed of going to Japan?? Visiting the sites, playing with the capoeiristas there? Well, here's a great opportunity:

Mestre Valmir will give workshops in Tokyo from May 30 - June 3!

Higashi-Shinagawa Bunka Center
Rinkai Line (5 Minutes walk from Shinagawa Sea-Side Station Exit A)
Kyoukyuu Line (12 minutes walk from Aomono Yokocho station)

Shinjuku Cosmic Center
JR Yamanote Line, Seibu Shinjuku Line (17 minutes walk from Takadano
Baba Station Toyamaguci Exit)

Ikebukuro Sports Center
JR Yamanote Line (8 minutes walk from Ikebukuro Station)

Wednesday May 30th 7pm - 9pm (Workshop @ Higashi Shinagawa Bunka Center)
Thursday May 31st 7pm - 9pm (Workshop @ Kenko Plaza Toshima)
Friday June 1st 7pm - 9pm (Workshop @ Higashi Shinagawa Bunka Center)
Saturday June 2nd 1pm - 4pm (workshop @ Higashi Shinagawa Bunka Center)
Saturday June 2nd 6:30 pm - 9pm (Open Roda @ Higashi Shinagawa Bunka Center)
Sunday June 3rd 9am - 11:30 am (Workshop @ Shinjuku Cosmic Center)
Sunday June 3rd 4pm - 6 pm (Open Roda @ Shinjuku Cosmic Center)

Workshop - 2500 Yen
Open Roda - 1500 Yen
Roda (spectating) - 500 Yen
1 Day pass for Saturday / Sunday - 3000 Yen (per day)

For more information, you contact the group or Aki at:
->TEL: 81-90-9809-9872 (Aki Katai)

Thank you, Aki, for the infomation.